La cloche pique-nique

The picnic plate cover with an aluminium foil appearance is a plate cover destined for gastronomy.

The cover is made of chrome-plated porcelain, which reproduces the texture and reflections of crumpled aluminium foil.

Underneath, the large dome allows the chef thenecessary height to dress their dish.
The top is designed like a handle to allow maximum handling ease for the waiting staff.
It is a reflection of the twisted foil of a " papillote " it giving the impression that it is fresh out the oven.

The concept


The picnic plate cover plays on the idea of an object in a contradictory context :
The aluminium foil is generally used for wrapping a sandwich or to cover a dish ready to be served.
Here, it is used in a gastronomic context and questions both its true consistency and the dish that it conceals.

The plate cover takes pride of place over the dish, as a mineral sculpture, and leaves the contents to the imagination,

a dish as surprising as its mirror exterior.
The top is scrunched into itself, like a pearly oyster shell, enclosing a delicious creation.

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