Le seau pique-nique

The picnic ice bucket is a champagne and wine bucket with an aluminium foil appearance.
This material, produced industrially in the form of a roll, is common place - to the point that it cannot be regarded with interest or elegance.The bucket is chrome-plated porcelain, respecting each crease, and fixing solid each abstract outline of
the crumpled aluminium foil, as well as the many reflections they give.

The countless irregular wrinkles make a contemporary lace surface which reflects, in all senses of the term, our culinary customs.

The concept


The picnic ice bucket combines two opposing culinary universes:
The champagne bucket associated with celebration,and the foil paper for food on the go or conserving leftovers.
The contrast between the popular perceptions of this texture and its deviation in culinary art leads to the creation of a hybrid object.


To turn this disposable paper into a refined, mineral material raises its status and immortalises its depth and relief.
This food packaging is therefore no longer seen as such, but as a surrealist plate cover, honouring its contents.

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