Le presse papier patate


This potato is a parody of the paperweight.
Moulded from a mineral material, there is no risk of it sprouting roots.
It has then been painted by hand to obtain the shine and colour of a freshly-picked potato.


Taken completely out of its original context, this potato brings a surrealist vision to an office.
This root vegetable radically breaks the codes of rigidity that are associated with the world of work.


The concept


The office is a place of reflection, where new ideas are welcome. The paperweight potato brings rupture and self-mockery.

The miraculous virtues of the paperweight potato to stimulate creativity have not yet been tested...
However, files that are lucky enough rest beneath it can be glad to " avoir la patate" !

(Literally " to have thepotato " in french - meaning to feel great).


Isolated in an office environment, the paperweight potato can get bored...
To fix this, a letter opener in the form of a vegetable peeler goes well with it:


L'épluche courier ( The letter opening peeler ).

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