La lampe allumette


The matchstick lamp revisits the traditional matchstick by replacing the incandescence of sulphur and the
combustion of wood with LED integrated in the body of the lamp.

This lamp can have three positions, catering to different lighting needs :

desk lighting, mood lighting and bedside lighting.


A matchstick is ephemeral. Its life can be decomposed into three stages - the striking, the combustion and the tragic end...
So as to not see its flame slowly burn out, the matchstick lamp never dies, its embers glowing indefinitely.


Associated project : L'allumette géante  ( The giant matchstick )

The historical context


The modern matchstick was invented in 1805 by Jean-Joseph-Louis Chancel in Paris, then later modified by various people.


The company "Seita", known for the sale of tobacco,
finally gained the monopoly, distributing the matchstick under the name " L'allumette française " for
120 years.


The transformer is directly inspired by the matchbox and is contained within it..



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