Le fer à éclairer

This lamp takes its inspiration from an iron. It combines the design of old carbon irons with the refined outline of modern irons.
The casing is polished stainless steel. The brushed steel handle allows for the lamp to be placed wherever suits,

a gesture much the same asgrabbing hold of an iron.
The electrical cord remains the same as that of an iron and the light shines from where the vapour would originally steam..


This lamp is at the frontier between light sculpture and a table lamp.
Created along with its partner, " Le bureau à repasser " ( the ironing desk) ,

this ensemble inspires a soft and quirky working ambiance for working on any project.


"  Making light work! "  

The concept


An iron is generally hidden away, being associated with menial tasks.
In this situation it is the reverse - the iron is very noticeable, entirely in mirrored glass reflecting the light that it produces.

Its inclination means it can be looked upon without being blinded, as the light comes out from the edge.


Sat on the ironing desk, the shadow crosses the midnight blue glass of the desk surface, lighting up the
entire chrome structure of the desk. This gives an elegant, futuristic dimension to the objects we denigrate.

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