Le bureau à repasser


The ironing desk is a twist on the traditional ironing board, and is made from chrome-plate steel and toughened glass.
Every detail of an ironing board is reinterpreted to meet the needs of a desk.


The height of the desk is designed to adjust perfectly to the occupant, the collapsible structure

allows for leg movement underneath and a foot rest is incorporated.
To be in complete harmony with its function, the garment rack is reinforced to be used as a file organiser,

or even as a place to put a printer or scanner.


The concept


The ironing desk is true to its form - a collapsible object, usually put away to hide its unsightliness.

The materials which comprise this desk save it from the inelegant stigma attached to its original form.

To avoid mixing up documents or files on the desk, an iron lamp has been designed in the same esprit.
This hybrid ensemble redefines a preconception - both glorifying dull objects and redefining the austerity of a

Its imposing size and quirky feel inspire serenity, its arrow-shaped surface evoking efficiency.


"  Any wrinkles in your affairs will always be quickly ironed out ".


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