Le bureau demi-lune

" Le bureau demi-lune " desk is made from hardened glass and light oak. Each support consists of five bases, four at the front and one behind. This structure is in the form of a tree, distributing the weight without being in the way othe person sitting at the desk.

The half moon glass with its large, asymmetric shapes surrounds the occupant of the desk so they can work
on several things without having to move documents around.
The width of the desk that separates the person from their client,

is a sufficient distance over which documents can be exchanged and work can be carried out in peace.

The concept


The oak's stucture create a contrast to the fluidity of the glass desk surface.
This opposition is only in appearance and illustrates the harmony that links moonlight and nature.


The moon, which shines over forests from the sky, contributes to the growth of trees.
The oak feet are designed like a tree diagram, and the half moon glass plate that sits on top is a reminder of this natural balance.

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