La jardinière pelleteuse


This suspended window box also serves as a standing flower pot, so you can have a herb garden or a floral arrangement inside,

or outside your home. It has a double base to collect water and a drainage system to avoid saturating the soil.
The metal hook allows the plants maximum sunlight exposure.

Metal and plant:

The rusted steel evokes wear and tear and the end of a cycle, whereas the stainless steel teeth reflect revival and rebirth.
These contrasts represent the seasons which reign over the organic world contained within the metal box.

The concept


The window box represents a digger transporting soil pulled up from the ground to be suspended elsewhere.

The digger alludes to urban transformation and the shifting of land.
This vegetation-destroying machine is paradoxically reformed into a protective container for living things.

The digger bucket window box mocks these machines and ironically shows resilience to destruction by favouring nature:
The machine that destroyed natural spaces for urban necessity,

now symbolically acts as a protective barrier to cultivate natural space.

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