La pelleteuse Cendrillon


This glass sculpture combines the world of machines and the art of mirrors.
Two radically opposing universes fuse together to give life to an enchanted object!

This fairytale twist reverses all the primary properties of a digger bucket.
The glass assembly is transformed into handmade glass and glued together by UV.
The robustness becomes fragile, the opaqueness, transparent.
The destructive function of the digger is reborn as a glass container, protecting the organic.

The growingroots are visible and the light in this flower pot radiates a bluish note onto the plants, as they touch the glass teeth.


 Associated objects : La jardinière pelleteuse ( The digger bucket window box )

The historical context

Once upon a time, in 2017, there was a digger called Cinderella who lived near to the local highway maintenance depot.
She was worn out and worked without rest in the pollution of the cities and the dust of the construction sites.
She was a digger who dreamt of greenery, open spaces and transparency.

One day, an uninhabited zone left to abandon was to be transformed into a magnificent floral garden.
However, only the engines chosen by the boss of the project would be able to participate in this ball of machines.

One morning, a fairy paid her a visit and made her dream come true!

Not only would she be a part of the green spaces operational team, she was alsotransformed entirely into a glass digger!
Upon her arrival at the construction site, all the trucks and bulldozers stopped and stared...

She was a queen, she shone! She created a magnificent garden, but she didn't see the time pass...
and we all know magic is short-lived...

The precious enchantment was to last until the end of the working day on the green space worksite, at 3:30pm..


.As the 12 blows of the boss' whistle sounded to indicate that it was time to go back to the depot, she felt the charm fading.
Her glass transparency started to fade back into worn metal.
Not wanting to be discovered in her true form, she fled into the nearby wood,

leaving behind her a few pieces of glass which had detached from her frame.
The glass container with blue glass teeth is all that remains, miraculously unchanged, resisting its original form.

The Cinderella digger was never seen again,  but some say they have spotted a glimpse of her in a clearing, surrounded by flowers and trees.

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