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Miroir truelle Le Design Français

Designer and artist Pierre Philippe designs each of his
brand's products. He creates quirky objects and pieces of furniture, with
an artistic connotation in the form of a humouristic,

story-telling metaphor of French history.
He works with French artisans and selects each material very carefully.

France is reputed for its craftsmanship and luxury
creations and, paradoxically, its stereotypically unruly
and rebellious people. The " Le Design Français " brand
combines these two concepts: its creations contradict
aesthetic standards whilst maintaining an elegance
with the materials used.

Each creation tells a story as much as it serves a
functional purpose, with each project having its own
special identity. The designs take present day objects
and relate them to French history, revisit icons of
French industrial society, or tell a story that gives
meaning to the material.










The historical context :


The historical role of mundane objects such as thecommon potatos or the matchstick, is used to inspiretheir recreation in a new artistic and narrative light.

It is a way to glorify items which usually merit noattention.


Industrial beauty :



Industrial beautyTaking the idea that beauty is undefinable, we subvert aesthetic codes to glorify insignificant industrialmaterials, like using chrome-plated porcelain to resemble aluminium foil.

Mass-produced, worthless items are reconsidered as contemporary luxury icons. This desire to make the ordinary sublime makes the simple washing up liquid
bottle or ironing board a source of inspiration.


The story behind the material :



Lastly, creations like The halfmoon desk or The mille-feuille library are not redefinitions of an object, theyare instead symbolic in their design.
Each creation is not just an expression of its material, it is also open to a visual language.


From head to toe…

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Design has an artistic side. Each object is considered a sculpture.

Our work is custom-made and we preserve the unique character

of each creation.




We revisit everyday objects in a way that makes them
tell a story with humour.


We see the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary.







Miroir truelle Le Design Français



We work exclusively with artisans and French companies.

We favour savoir-faire and the quality of materials.


photography by © Iannis Pledel.


Copyright Le Design Français 2017 - All rights reserved - Contact -

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